Dear student!

The aim with this textbook is to give maritime students at vocational colleges in Norway a common and equal ship to sail when it comes to Maritime English. This ensures that all students have had access to the same information before they complete the same exam at the end of the year, no matter what school or which teacher you have had the pleasure of being taught by.

STCW 1978 with amendments is the base of all teaching and educational materials at maritime vocational colleges, including this book. Additionally, communication, especially in English, will be an important ability in your working life, making this class one of the most important subjects you will have this year.
In the making of this textbook, the authors have had outstanding help from several individuals and companies. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed; but most of all a virtual bouquet of flowers goes to Baxter Skar for her superb proofreading and helpful comments. Throughout the book you will find illustrations made by Raymond Kristiansen who really grasped the idea of our texts; a big kiss to you from the authors! He managed to give us some joyfull moments while writing and hopefully also puts a smile on your faces as you work your way through the tasks in the year to come. We would also like to thank Dof, Fiskerstrand verft, and DNV GL Ålesund for their help. Last, but by no means least, a huge thank you to those sharing from their experience as sailors in the parts we have called Tell a Tale in each chapter.

The authors:

Trude Amundsen has worked as a teacher since 2011. At Fagskolen i Hordaland from 2015, mainly teaching Maritime English and Norwegian.
Astrid Sebulonsen has been teaching since 1999, currently at Ishavsbyen videregående and Maritime English at Fagskolen i Troms since 2005. Subjects: English and Leadership.
Baxter Skar has been teaching English since 2014 at Kristiansund videregående and Fagskolen
i Kristiansund.
Inger Slinning started teaching in 1991 and has been at Fagskolen i Ålesund since 2007, teaching Maritime English, Norwegian and ICT.
Astrid and Inger wrote the curriculums for Maritime English for vocational colleges in 2013.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy and learn from our textbooks, and we will be thrilled to have comments, both positive and negative, from your experience! Send an email to if you find something wrong, not working, dull, fun, helpful, misleading…. We are ready to improve both ourselves and the textbooks.

Trude Amundsen/Astrid Sebulonsen/Inger Slinning/Baxter Skar
August 2017

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